John, is a survivor of  severe physical and sexual abuse which was inflicted upon him for years, and starting from a very young age. John saw and experienced many things that would haunt him for years to come. This would result in a diagnosis of PTSD, giving him night terrors that would follow him into his early adult life. Later he would be told he had  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Depression and had a genetic, neurological condition called Tourette Syndrome. John was determined to not let his past or diagnosis define him. He took to the Martial Arts, and energy work; this led him on a path that would change his life forever.

John had started training in the Martial Arts early in life, still also enduring physical abuse. John reasoned that the whole point of taking up Martial Arts was to protect himself from being hurt anymore; for John this wasn’t the case! John would continue to endure severe beatings, be continuously talked down to, and was emotionally and spiritually broken from religious indoctrination. He tried to stay sane, find any way to cope, just to feel like he was normal. He started to feel hopeless.

Here is where things began to change, and the world would not know that this abused boy would get ready to change it, and it all started from learning his first hyung/Kata.

John realized how much he intuitively grasped and understood each movement, at a cosmic level! He could feel what he described as feelings of heat, electricity, magnetism, and a surge of energy rushing through his body. The trials that he would face from such experiences ranged from people telling him he was crazy, delusional, and that he was creating an unhealthy coping mechanism; that what he was saying wasn’t real or even possible. John made it a lifelong quest to prove them and the rest of the world wrong.

The next step John would take was to  learn how to meditate. He learned to embrace traumas, pains, and to breathe into the darkness that was once destroying him. He would use this new found knowledge and mental control to take advantage of his body’s conditioning and pain tolerance. He had already been hurt more than most could handle or begin to comprehend. He would begin to understand what it meant to use mind over matter, and began to gain control of this unseen force that moved through him; an energy that goes by many names. In India it is called Prana; in Japan and Korea it is Ki; in the west it is Orgone Energy; in Polynesia, Mana; Hebrews called it Ruach; Islam, Baraka; Russians called it Bio-Plasmic energy; Native American called it Animal Spirit or Ancestor Energy, but to John, at that moment in time, he called it Qi. 

This path of learning more about these energies guided John to learn Tai’Chi’Chuan, where he would also learn Qi Gong and he would get his first exposure to high level energy mastery. On more than one occasion, a Qi Gong master lightly moved him without touching him, sent waves of electric shock into Johns body, put his hands on his body and made John feel like there was a fire being placed into him; a heat that emanated out of the masters finger tips and palms. 
John was left in awe and wonder, questioning everything he was ever taught even more now. This was also when John had gained the strength to end all the ongoing mental, physical and spiritual abuse he was previously experiencing. 

John had continued to study the Martial Arts, seeking out various teachers and different forms. His hard work and discipline had earned him multiple ranks in multiple martial arts, all while learning from the best energy masters he could find. He learned the Korean Ki Kong, Deeper levels of Chi Gong, High level Nei Gong, finally real Reiki. 

John combined all the modalities he learned, creating something new. What he does is not mere “Reiki” as it is so frequently practiced in the West. It is not just some cliché, domesticated “energy work”, nor yet another New-Age, twisted distortion of ancient healing techniques. This is where John had made his most significant impact on people’s lives, giving them hope.

John pulls from energies that are not meant to be scientifically studied, he works within realms and dimensions where deep truths and knowledge lay hidden. It is here that John offers a new way, yet an ancient way, a chance to live and breathe again. He is a walking mystic, a mystery school unto himself. John is proof that we can all heal from the worst pain and torments, that nothing outside ourselves can truly control us. John waits for you with hands held out, ready to assist in the conscious awakening of humanity, and healing of our souls. We are meant to be more, to truly feel, to not be held back by the stories created for us or the stories we created! 

Why continue to walk as Mortals, when we can walk as Gods?


“I’ve practiced energy work for a decade, breath and yoga. When John put his hands on my head, it was like a boa constrictor was doing barrel rolls in my body, a full Kundalini wake-up. It didn’t take long for me to have to face some traumas that I’d been blocked from addressing, which had been very challenging. I’m finally able to really breathe.”

– Robert Ennis-

“Wow, yes. Having been raised in a home of energy healers, zone therapy, chiropractors, and Reiki Masters, I’m really hard to impress. I was shocked at the level of energy, the vast knowledge of the body, soul, and mind combined in what is really a complete new system of healing arts that makes the former just seem out of date. If you get a chance, get it done..”

– Aaron Taylor-

“In only one session, I experienced a release of a lifetime of troubles and traumas; immediately I became more in tune and aligned with my physical and energetic self and the world around me. With continued sessions my entire life has has proceeded to change for the absolute best. One of a kind work, from a one of a kind specialist. You must experience for yourself!”

-Kailie Roberts

“This man does amazing work and I’m so impressed with his dedication. Time and Time again he crosses the threshold of this world into the abyss of realms only talked about in fairy tales. John will be the change this world needs! This is who John is, a man of many talents, but more than anything; a man with the biggest heart I know. If anyone needs healing work or more, John is the one I’d recommend to see. I know the gifts and power he carries. He will go through hell and back to help you!”

– Kim Goff –

“John does amazing work! I have had work done in the past and left absolutely full of energy and would recommend to anyone trying to learn about energy and understanding yourself to go to him! 10/10 for sure! I would go to John over anyone else!

– Tony Montes-

“I went in not totally believing in Reiki/Energy was real but after leaving I felt better and more assured of what this amazing energy work could do for people. John (The Reiki/Energy Master) is legit and has the skills to back it up. Do yourself a favor and give him a try! 

– Jonathon Gray-



  • 28 years Chi Gong
  • 22 years Ki Kong
  • 22 years breathwork and meditation
  • 18 years Nei Gong
  • 16 years Reiki


    • First Degree Black Belt, Tang Soo Do, 2001
    • Valencia Lameco Eskrima, Open Hand Master, 2014
    • Valencia Lameco Eskrima, Edged Weapons Master, 2014
    • Muay Thai Coach, 2015
    • Master Black Belt Kyoshi,  6th Degree 2018
    • Valencia Lameco Eskrima, Guro Certification, 2019





    Hybrid Energy Treatment

    An energetic journey into your heart space, the releasing of trapped energies, karmic cleansing, all of which left untreated are the cause of sickness and disease of your mind, body and spirit. This treatment Aligns your Chakras, purifying them, purging you of all that does not serve you; and Awakens you to your highest potential, to your higher self, a remembrance of you!


    Hands on Basic Energy Clearing Treatment. 

    Clearing of the the first 7 Chakras, bringing them back into balance. 

    Aids in release of trauma and pains of the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. 


    Distance Energy Session

    Transcending Space and Time, The energy flows to your vessel, entering into your energetic and physical body!


    A distance release of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual/energetic pains, inherited from this lifetime and past lives. Here we clear negative Karma, restoring what needs to be restored.

    It is here that you’ll find no faith necessary to receive the energy. You don’t need to believe, you just need to experience it!

    Kundalini Awakening, Astral Realm Work, Divine Alignment.

    Awakening of the sacred divine feminine power of Kundalini! Connecting to the unseen realms untold, a remembrance of what was and is. A chance to go back to your true nature and creators; not what you were told or taught as children. 


    Chakras Aligned, and Awakened; the power of each acting as one!

    The Kundalini energy emerges from within you, allowing the manifestation of your true nature. You shall come into your power and be new. This is accompanied by sacred breath work and meditations that will continue to help guide you on your journey, a journey which never ends; this will be your true beginning. 

    Walk into energies that the rest of the world is afraid of! Break free from this complex matrix we are told to call reality. The astral realms call to you, divine beings await your return. Through the unity of mind, body and spirit; the accumulation of these sacred energies and mindful practices, you will have access to all you have dreamed of. 


    Call (435) 559-3715 or email [email protected] to set your appointment today.

    We get it. People might rather die than lose their self-sabotaging excuses. This is not psychiatry, and we make no claims to healing anything physical. What John offers is to align you energetically to yourself, so that you can get out of your own way.